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Update from the Board – $181,000 in Bursaries and Grants Approved

February 8, 2022

The Board of Directors of the Lobstick Foundation is pleased to provide the following update regarding our recent funding cycle. The Foundation is pleased to have distributed $181,000 in Bursaries and Grants to both individuals and Charitable organizations in January 2022.

Organizations that provide educational opportunities for women of all ages and in all stages of their life applied to the Foundation. During this previous funding period, more applications were received than ever before Рand unfortunately we were not able to fund all requests. We elected to fund five organizations that had not applied previously. Our Board felt that these organizations were providing new and exciting opportunities in the field of support and education for young women.

We also received more than 60 individual applications, and due to the funds available were not able to fund them all. Our Board chose to fund those who we felt had presented the greatest need, both financially and in terms of education and career goals. The individuals we supported are a diverse group. Funding was provided to Indigenous women, women of color, women with disabilities, single mothers including those raising children with disabilities, and women from the LGBTQ+  community. 

As a result of the size and success of this recent funding period, the Lobstick Foundation will not be seeking any new applications for the remainder of 2022. We are taking this year to analyze our place in the funding community, review our funding policies, and work with our Investment Advisor to look at the remaining funds and how best to make the most impact in the coming years. We are also taking this next year to examine the outcomes of our previous funding. We hope to catch up with the many individuals and organizations we have funded over the years to see how they have prospered.

Please watch our website for an announcement of when the next funding period will be, anticipated to be sometime in 2023.