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Update from the Board – Over $293k in Grants and Bursaries Approved

August 28, 2021

The Lobstick Board of Directors is pleased to announce that over $293,000 in grants to women and girls were approved in August.

Three Grants were provided to organizations that provide support for women and girls in British Columbia. One in Victoria, one on Salt Spring Island and one in the Fraser Valley.  All three of these organizations provide counselling for teenage girls experiencing abuse at home, or single mothers who have been or are victims of spousal or partner abuse.

Funding was provided to four applicants who are developing small businesses, or who needed funding to develop professional portfolios as artists or artisans. One of the applicants who was awarded a grant is developing her business as a figurative artist. Funding from the Lobstick Foundation allows her to expand her studio and enroll in a course that provides in-depth understanding of the commercial art world.

Eight bursaries were provided to single mothers who are enrolled in College or University programs. Three of these women are taking their master’s degree to improve their earning capacity and better serve their communities.

The Lobstick Foundation also provided funding for a number of applicants for computers and other costs related to their online studies.

Grants were provided to several women who are enrolled in education programs that require them to travel on a regular basis to classes held outside their Northern Communities. These programs have in-person requirements at Universities including Kelowna, Calgary, Victoria and Vancouver.

The Lobstick Foundation also provided funding to assist with living expenses to four women enrolled in education programs. These Indigenous women either currently work in their communities, or will be returning to their home community to provide counselling and support services.

The Lobstick Foundation is pleased to have been able to support unmet financial needs of many women in Canada, including those from diverse age groups, women of colour and Indigenous women. Not all funding applications were approved, as they did not meet our mandate. 
For women interested in applying for a Grant or a Bursary, the next funding cycle will take place in January 2022.  Please visit our website www.lobstickfoundation.org or follow us on Facebook for the latest updates and information about the next bursary application deadline.