2016/2017 Grant Approvals

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New Grants
The Lobstick Foundation Board of Directors are pleased to announce the following grant applications have been approved:

    • 1Up Single Parent Resource Centre, which has served single-parent families in the Greater Victoria area for 38 years, received funding to support their Peer Helper Program. Peer Helpers are the trained, well-informed ‘go to’ experts for information on 1Up’s programs/services plus referrals to other local resources; they are the starting point for change. The Lobstick Foundation has previously supported the 1Up MOMentum Mentorship program.
    • Justice for Girls, a Vancouver-based society that works to promote social justice, health and well being of teenage girls who come from low income backgrounds in British Columbia, for their Internship and Education program. The program assists marginalized young women in earning Grade 12 or College-level course credits while receiving on-the-job leadership training and experience. The Foundation has previously supported The Girls Education and Advocacy Centre Development project.”Thank you so much for your continued support of our work! The Lobstick Foundation was our first approved grant in 2016 as we began the Girls’ Advocacy and Education Center project and led the way for others to come. We can’t tell you how much this means to us,” commented Tracey McIntosh, Coordinator of Justice for Girls.
    • A Vancouver Island-based mother of two, who is pursuing her goal of attending college and working towards becoming a Human Resources Professional.
    • In conjunction with the Saanich Peninsula University Women’s Club, the Foundation is providing grant matching to the Independent Learning Centre to increase the support for young people, particularly those in our Indigenous communities, to support their postsecondary aspirations and studies. Both of our Founders, Dr. Nix and Dr. Nash, were members of the University Women’s Club.

“There is nothing more rewarding than the responses we get from organizations we have chosen to give grants to. The words of gratitude and the stories of how much the funding will impact the lives of those less fortunate is moving. It is what motivates us to manage the fund and search for those who can put the resources to the best possible use. We look at it as investing in humanity,” stated Laurie Salvador, Board Chair.

The Board of Directors thank everyone for their applications and wish them the best.

Request for Applications
The Lobstick Foundation is now accepting grant applications for 2017. Grant application guidelines and forms are available online at www.lobstickfoundation.org/grants.

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